Staring at the Sun
A Musical by Tony Rees
Based on the novel by Julian Barnes
Showcased at the Prince of Wales Theatre by Anthony Field of Theatre Projects
with Joanna Riding and Kevin Colsen

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Staring at the Sun tells the life of Jean Serjeant, from her beginnings as a naive, carefree country girl before World War Two through to her wry trenchant old age in the year 2020.

We learn the questions Jean asks of life and the often unsatisfactory answers it provides.

The action moves continuously with Jean’s thoughts as she takes us through her past and present, and a possible future. A universal story about being brave enough to live life to the full.

The musical numbers are as diverse as life itself: from night-clubs in the big-band era of the 40’s, Discos in the ‘70’s, the beginnings of "Women's Liberation" and into the 21st Century.


  1. Staring at the Sun
  2. Becoming Someone
  3. Holiday Time - English Style!
  4. A Song to Love

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