A Musical for young children

Music by Tony Rees
Book & Lyrics by Gary Young & Tony Rees

Jogger Jimmy travels backward and forward in time to uphold
"good sportsmanship and fair play".

He travels back to ancient Greece to the first Olympics to protect the original Olympic torch from Nitra; his arch enemy. He hides the torch and casts a protective spell over it.Nitra captures Jimmy and hooks him to a truth machine which extracts the needed magic verse to give her access to the torch.

After getting the torch, Nitra plans to make Jimmy unhealthy by feeding him junk food! Jimmy's best friend Jemima and his dog Jigger save the day by helping Jimmy to escape!

There is a chase, the villains are vanquished!
The torch and Sport are saved forever!

JOGGER JIMMY SAVES THE DAY was produced by the Victoria State Opera - Melbourne: Australia - as part of their educational programme.


  1. It's a Dog's Life!
  2. Friends

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