The Cold Light of Day
Inspired by Augustus Strindberg's "Miss Julie"
Written by Tony Rees

Julie is the daughter of Lord Hampton - who feels sure that the forthcoming General Election of 1997 will be one of life's crowning achievement when he is voted an MP. Usually, Julie accompanies her father to London - Hello magazine says "they are a handsome pair” … but on this night of the election she decides to stay at the country campaign office with the PRs and secretaries as they put together a "welcome home the winner" party for her father.

Drunk and flirtatious Julie makes a bee line for John - her father's chauffeur - who,
always the opportunist, leads her on.
Christine - John's fiancé and Julie's personal secretary - is used to his "girls" but is annoyed that this “affair” is too close to home. She had arranged the job for him after a series of failed "ventures”, which included cheap cars, wine and drugs.

Julie's seduction puts the three of them onto an emotional roller coaster
culminating in Julie's suicide.


  1. Anything for Love (JULIE)
  2. Love's a Game! (JOHN)
  3. He Always Comes Back to Me (CHRISTINE)
  4. The End of the Game (JULIE)

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