Are You Ever Gonna Kiss Me!
The Interactive Dance Party Musical
Written by Tony Rees


  1. Are You Ever Gonna Kiss Me!
  2. The Lady in the Spotlight
  3. I Gotta Dance!

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The show centres around Katie and her father Jack who owns DANCERS dance club.

An outsider, Marco arrives to give dance classes. This is the catalyst for the changes in the lives of the various characters.

The show is conceived as a dance show, and it is envisioned that the inclusion of current hit songs could be considered to help blur the line between the original songs written for the show, particularly when considering the crossover point from "live" music to CD tracks at the finale of the show.

The Gala Dance Night featured in the show is where a "real" dance-team appear. This couple; either a well known professional dance duo - or chosen from a "local" dance club appear for a set time period during the run of the show. They will be given a cassette of the "their" music and rehearsed with the cast prior to their appearance. This routine could be to a well known hit song. This again helps keep the illusion that the world of the show is the world of the audience.

At the end of the show everyone is taping their feet and unable to keep seated. They are then brought to the dance floor by the cast members and able to dance the night away!

The message? - Enjoy life and ... Dance Your Troubles Away!